Hopewell Church of the Nazarene
"Where life's deepest hopes meet life's greatest Answer."
509 Smithfield Ave.
Hopewell, VA  23860
(804) 458-1871
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The search for a place to worship, grow in faith and learn the truth about God can be an exhausting experience. Between megachurches, house churches, and everything in between, it can leave you more confused and uncertain than when you began.                                                                                 We believe your search is over. As an intimate community of faith we are focused on helping people find hope, healing, and welcoming hearts -- without judgment or prejudice.  Come learn more about the place you've been looking for: Hopewell Church of the Nazarene.

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​  Finding Meaning - Making a Difference - Experiencing Love
​            Together, as a Family of Faith
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We would love the opportunity to answer your questions, pray for you, or share our story.  Please reach out to us. You will find just what you're looking for.
Regular Weekly Service Times

   Sunday School - Sun. 9:45 AM
   Worship Celebration - Sun. 10:45 AM
   Off-site* Life Group - Sun. 6:00 PM
   On-Site Life Group - Weds. 7:00 PM

* Call for location details
Hopewell Church of the Nazarene
"Where life's deepest hopes meet life's greatest Answer."

Seasons Pass
It hardly seems possible that Summer 2018 is already a memory. With the passing of seasons, old, but familiar routines also come along. Rather than planning our vacations, children return to schools and we begin already to think of the holidays to come, as well as dreading the coming onslaught of the leaves. 

As you walk through these days of Autumn, why not consider taking a stroll to the Lord's house for worship? We would love to have you join us for a celebration and an exciting Scripture focus on the Book of Hebrews. 

And always, if you have a question, prayer request or just want to chat, email us at HopeNaz@comcast.net, or come on by for a visit!